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Range of Commercial Enterance Automation Products.

These Automatic Sliding Gates are works on a simple but effective mechanism by sliding on the either side of the opening. Tested graded steel are used for the manufacturing of these Sliding Gate & thus the sling gates is strong to protect your premises from an unauthorized access. Own Design & In-House Manufacturing process.

Telescopic Sliding Gate System is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas. where very less or no run-back for single side sliding arrangement available to install the conventional sliding gates. it is manufactured in two-three or more gate panels and therefore reduce the required back run/parking space.

Automatic Glass Doors are used for frequent opening and closing. The operation timing of these doors can be easily set or reset for that matter. The maintenance of these doors is not at all a big deal. With very easy and efficient operation glass doors are indeed a great customized solution in the entrance door automation system.

boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position.

A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post. Bollards are protective barriers and boundary markers. A bollard is a short post used to create a protective or architectural perimeter. When installed primarily as a visual guide, bollards guide traffic & mark boundaries.

The Road Blocker is constructed from heavy welded steel section and it is ideal as a robust alternative to a rising arm barrier and is available in widths up to 4m (increments of 500mm), providing physical vehicle control and security for an Establishment. 

Spike Tyre Killer is an electro hydraulically operated heavy duty spike barrier which rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high security premises. When the Spike tyre killer is in a lowered position the vehicles can pass through, thereby providing a good enhanced security blockage system. 

Our Rolling shutters provides maximum durability and protection and combine designs With good workmanship. Superior materials and constant refinement and Good after Sales service. We have large range of high quality roll up Doors ,operations can be either manual or Motorised. Suitable for various locations such as shop front, Security, Garages, Commercial Complex, Industries.

Designed for pedestrian entrance control, these turnstile gates open only for those with authorised access. Its rotating arms allow one person through at a time.

Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas such as railway platforms, passenger terminals, sports stadiums, etc requires a turnstile.



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